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Bishop John R. Schol's statement about Foundry United Methodist Church

Here is Bishop Schol's full statement to UMNS regarding Foundry United Methodist Church:

"Foundry Church is a congregation that enthusiastically and faithfully supports the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church. It is a congregation involved in many ministries serving the homeless, the poor, and the vulnerable both locally and globally. Located in the Dupont Circle community of Washington D.C., it is a congregation which is diverse and reflective of its community, including a significant presence of gay and lesbian Christians. It is a church that is doing an unusually good job of reaching young adults with many new members who are under 35 and many families with young children.

Neither the church nor Rev. Snyder asked my permission or advice about the worship services that they are offering their gay members. So far as I can tell, they did not seek publicity about this and have not attempted to make it an issue for our denomination. I have recognized that they face a difficult question of how in the name of Jesus Christ to minister to all of their members given our denominational policies about homosexuality, and I have no question about the sincerity of their desire to honor their covenant with the larger church. I also have sympathy for those who worry that our unity may be weakened as a result of the disagreements we have. I believe they are also sincere in their concerns. 

Here in our conference, small groups of people with differing opinions have been meeting to discuss homosexuality. I hope these conversations continue and that we can seek to know and care for each other even when our views and convictions differ. Our primary focus as a conference, and my greatest passion as a bishop, is making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and growing Acts 2 congregations. I would like us to discuss all the controversial issues in our denomination in light of our calling to make disciples and grow Acts 2 churches." –March 7, 2008   

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