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Winter Storm Update Dec. 13, 2007 This newsletter was sent on: 12/13/2007
Kansas East Conference - The United Methodist Church 
The Communique
News of the Kansas East Conference #217.5 - December 13, 2007
Update to Dec. 12, 2007, Communique

Supplies, volunteers, communication needed following storms

The entire state of Kansas was declared a federal disaster area on 12-12-07. This will allow FEMA to provide public assistance at this time. This includes debris removal and actions taken to reduce or prevent additional damage.
Columbus UMC is functioning as an American Red Cross shelter, and this may continue for several more days until power is restored to their area. They are requesting volunteers to assist with cooking meals and other shelter operations. They also need toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, disposable drink cups (hot and cold) and plastic eating utensils.
Manhattan First UMC is functioning as a warming site and also as the overflow Red Cross shelter. They are requesting snack items for people who are using their facility.
Steve Burnett, associate disaster-response coordinator, has checked with the Kansas East Conference insurance carrier, and they confirmed that church facilities functioning as warming centers and providing meals are covered under the liability insurance as long as they are not charging for these services.
The insurance carrier also confirmed that we do not have liability coverage for shelter operations and that local churches should have an agreement with the American Red Cross before starting any shelter operations. If your church wants or needs to open as a warming center or shelter, contact Julie Pohl at 785-989-3237 or 816-390-0324 prior to opening. You must contact her by telephone as her e-mail is currently inoperable.
We are expecting many areas will need assistance with debris removal and clean-up as the weather allows. Any churches requesting assistance with these or other disaster response needs should contact Julie Pohl at the above phone numbers or Steve Burnett at or 785-410-0210. Each church should provide a contact person along with their e-mail address and phone number so we can coordinate teams with needs.
It would be very beneficial if each church would keep us informed of their situation. Do you have power? Are you open as a warming center or shelter? Have you identified any needs that we can assist with? Do you have teams available or need teams.
Flexibility is the important in responding to disasters. The situation and needs change rapidly. The most important things you can do is to keep us informed of your situation and needs and be prepared to help us respond to ever-changing needs.


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