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Communiqué 347 – Aug. 18, 2010

From Gary Beach, director of Administrative Services and Connectional Ministries:

An issue has surfaced regarding tax identification numbers (federal or state) that churches may have.

Churches have been asked to provide tax ID or employer identification numbers to our insurance broker and to submit them as a part of the annual report of statistics. When we compared the two lists, some discrepancies were noted.

Some churches have one number for the federal government and a different one for the state of Kansas.

Our assistant treasurer, Niki Buesing, spoke with the Kansas Department of Revenue, and they informed her that they use the federal tax ID number.
However, if an entity does not have a federal ID number or did not provide it to them, the Kansas Department of Revenue assigns a Kansas ID number.

If a church has both a federal ID number and a Kansas ID number, the church needs to inform the Kansas Department of Revenue so they can get it corrected. The church will need to fax the federal form S-4 that shows the number that was assigned by the IRS. The church should have received this form when they first applied for a federal ID. The fax number is 785-296-2073. 

One church discovered that both numbers in existence for them were issued by the federal government. In that case, the church has been asked to contact the IRS directly to correct this problem so that they end up with only one federal id number. 

If you decide your church should take any action regarding your EIN/tax ID, we would recommend that, rather than immediately do that work online, you first call the IRS’s toll-free number to discuss your planned action to determine if it is the best course to take. The toll-free phone number for tax-exempt entities is 877-829-5500. Their hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (central time) Monday through Friday.

To learn more about federal ID numbers, go to http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=98350,00.html.

Kansas East UMW ministry featured at national assembly
The United Methodist Women’s circle at the Topeka Correctional Facility was featured during the national UMW assembly in St. Louis.

View the video about the ministry at http://www.ourchurchvideos.com/66604/kansaseast/view_video.php?viewkey=6e1edc05f3d8ab658c55.

Conference Board of Church and Society receives response from Sen. Brownback
Following discussion at the 2010 Kansas East Annual Conference about the United States’ policy and support of maternal health and international family planning, the conference Board of Church and Society sent a letter asking Senator Sam Brownback to support increased funding for maternal health initiatives and international family planning.

You can download the senator’s response at http://www.kansaseast.org/console/files/oFiles_Library_XZXLCZ/Brownback_Response_YJTXCBUN.pdf.

E-newsletter archives correction
The link to the e-newsletter archives was incorrect in the previous issue of the Communique. To access The Parish Paper, the Edgertons’ Haiti update and other e-newsletters, go to http://www.kansaseast.org/enewsletterarchives.

New resources available for fall studies
Gear up for fall with new resources from the Kansas Area Resource Center. New Bible studies and resources for men’s, women’s and children’s groups are available as well as parenting materials.

Order materials from the online catalog at http://www.kswestumc.org/l_index.asp.

You can still get 2010 Kansas Area Resource Center memberships. They are now pro-rated for the remainder of the year. Download the membership form http://www.kswestumc.org/console/files/oForms_YJ7JB6/2010_KARC_Membership_Form_WXN2X8YV.pdf, or contact the resource center at 800-745-2350 to have one mailed to you.

Episcopal area transition listening events, Aug. 28
Two events to give people an opportunity to share their thoughts on the upcoming transition to a Nebraska-Kansas Area under one bishop will be:

  • Aug. 28 at Topeka Countryside UMC, Topeka District
  • Aug. 28 at Parsons Wesley UMC, Parsons District

For more information, see the event descriptions on the conference calendar at www.kansaseast.org/calendar.asp or contact your district superintendent’s office.

New pastor orientation, Aug. 31
New pastors in the Kansas East Conference will meet conference staff, get connected to conference resources and learn about benefits, taxes and annual reports Aug. 31.

Get the details at http://www.kansaseast.org/events/detail/3371.

Preaching workshop, Sept. 27
This is the fourth in a series of six workshops is specifically arranged for licensed local pastors and DSAs, although all are welcome. Each workshop focuses on a specific skill or technique and all are designed to grow your skills and practices in preaching.

The theme for this workshop is “Contemporary issues: Keeping it real.”

Each workshop is $20 or $100 for all six (includes evening meal). 

Register by e-mailing the Topeka District office at topdist@kansaseast.org calling Marie Pearce at 785-272-9111.

Get more information at http://www.kansaseast.org/events/detail/3161.

Cat-Hawk Challenge, Oct. 9
The Cat-Hawk Challenge fundraiser for campus ministry at the University of Kansas and Kansas State University will be Oct. 9 at Grace UMC in Olathe.

Friends of campus ministry at the two schools are invited to sponsor tables and bring their friends to support United Methodist students in their faith journeys. 

To sign up, visit www.cathawkchallenge.com.

Professional ministry seminar, Jan. 11-13
The 2011 Kansas Area Professional Ministry Seminar will be Jan. 11-13 at the Location: Wichita Airport Hilton Hotel.

Find out more at http://www.kansaseast.org/events/detail/3294.

A Service of Holy Communion for Labor Day
The General Board of Discipleship has posted a service for Labor Day with Holy Communion at http://tinyurl.com/2umd24h.

Staying connected to college students
Congregations routinely celebrate college-bound youth with farewell gifts and parties featuring slideshows of pre-school Christmas pageants, high-school mission trips and almost everything in-between. But youth leaders and pastors who want to extend the relationship into the months and years ahead often struggle to find the right approach.

One way to stay connected is through social media such as Facebook and Twitter to keep student connected despite geographic distance.

Read about more ideas to stay in touch with college students at http://www.gbhem.org/site/apps/nlnet/content3.aspx?c=lsKSL3POLvF&b=3527165&ct=8579033.

8 church communication faux pas
Effective church communication is more than preaching a sermon that inspires. It requires careful planning and consideration of your audience.

United Methodist Communications has compiled eight common church-communications blunders to avoid.

Find out what to avoid at http://www.umcom.org/site/apps/nlnet/content3.aspx?c=mrLZJ9PFKmG&b=6084663&ct=8568881¬oc=1&tr=y&auid=6775120.

Visit the conference Web site at http://www.kansaseast.org for more news and events.


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