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Nineteen ethnic church projects receive grants

3/19/2003 News media contact: Linda Green · (615) 742-5470 · Nashville, Tenn

NOTE: This report may be used as a sidebar to UMNS story #149.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) - A United Methodist agency has awarded 19 grants totaling $129,970 to projects and organizations serving various racial-ethnic groups.

Meeting March 12-15, governing members of the Board of Discipleship approved funding for the United Methodist-sponsored projects for a year. The projects are:

Ethnic Women's Convocation, Trotwood, Ohio -- $4,000.
(Ethnic group served: Multi-ethnic)
The Pacific Northwest Annual Conference will use the money to bring together ethnic women from across the conference for a three-day, Oct. 24-26, convocation at Camp Berachah to focus on "the connection of art and spirituality among world cultures."

West Liberty Learning Center, Marriottsville, Md. - $4,625.
(Ethnic group served: African American)
West Liberty United Methodist Church will use the money to support providing an after-school program for children who belong to traditionally underrepresented populations.

Making Korean Disciples, Lakewood, Wash. - $5,000.
(Ethnic group served: Asian)
Tacoma First United Methodist Church will use the money for a Home Bible Cell group, feeding the homeless, and holding an Aug. 31-Sept. 1 "Evangelism Seminar" to strengthen the congregation in witnessing, volunteering and mission support.

Western Jurisdiction Korean American Lay and Clergy Leadership Seminar, El Segundo, Calif. -- $5,000.
(Ethnic group served: Multi-ethnic)
Korean clergy and lay members will participate in a culturally relevant training seminar to strengthen clergy and laity partnership.

United Endeavors Communities of Shalom, San Antonio - $5,600.
(Ethnic group served: Hispanic)
The program, affiliated with the Monte Sinai United Methodist Church, will provide a counseling program for youth involved in misdemeanors, as well as their parents.

Strategy for Evangelism, Bronx, New York - $6,000.
(Ethnic group served: Asian)
An April 10-13 evangelism convocation is planned by the National Council of Korean-American Ministers at Calvary Korean United Methodist Church in New Jersey.

Centennial Celebration of Korean American Ministries, New York - $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: Asian)
Christ United Methodist Church will use the funds to commemorate the Centennial of Korean American Ministries at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, April 24-27. More than 1,000 people are expected, and 25 workshops will be offered ranging from effective lay leadership to English language ministry.

Cha-Se-Dai-Kyo-Yuk, Stamford, Conn. - $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: Asian)
The Second Generation Education Program at Stamford United Methodist Church will use the money to teach children and their parents spiritually, expand their knowledge and exchange Korean and American culture.

Crossing Boundaries ... Proclaiming Christ, Trotwood, Ohio - $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: Multi-ethnic)
This project of Cross Point United Methodist Church seeks to create opportunities for communication, reconciliation and spiritual focus. It will use the funds for leadership training.

Encounter, Transformation Growth-The Way of Discipleship, Lancaster, Pa. - $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: Hispanic.)
The Latino Ministry of St. Paul's United Methodist Church will use the funds for a creative ministry of evangelism and Christian education to reach the surrounding Latino

Lay Convocation Adults, Youth Adults and Youth United in Leadership, San Antonio - $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: Hispanic)
The Rio Grande Annual Conference laity is designing a two-day conference to bring together local lay leaders, young adults and youth to help them become proficient in leadership roles in their churches and communities.

New Jerusalem Mission, Rowland Heights, Calif. - $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: Asian)
The mission will use the funds to start a new family life program with premarital counseling and marriage enrichment; a campus ministry program; and a program of spiritual training for full-time ministers and lay leaders.

New Youth Experience Arts Academy, Landham, Md. - $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: African American)
The academy, started by Ebenezer United Methodist Church, will use the funds to establish a year-round program for African-American youth ages 12-18 in culturally relevant Bible teachings and cultural studies on the roots and evolution of the black church and Methodism.

Keeping the Faith, Broken Bow, Okla. - $7,170.
(Ethnic group served: Native American)
Funds will be used to start a junior and senior high youth camp; to equip a cadre of mentors, youth, and adult workers to minister to the generation coming into United Methodist youth ministries; and to provide the Southeast region youth officers an opportunity to attend a global gathering to experience diversity of youth.

Project L.E.A.D., Detroit - $7,500.
(Ethnic group served: African American)
Funds will be used for an evangelism program that will equip St. Paul United Methodist Church members to share the gospel in their daily lives and with the surrounding community.

San Antonio Team Ministries-Project L.E.A.D., San Antonio, Texas -- $7,000.
(Ethnic group served: Hispanic)
The ministry consists of 10 United Methodist Churches in the Rio Grande Annual Conference focusing on enhancing the leadership of the local church in specific ministry areas, worship, prayer and confirmation of new member training.

OIMC Youth - Youth 2003, Oklahoma City - $8,075.
(Ethnic group served: Native American)
The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference seeks to send 20 youth and five adults to Youth 2003 in Knoxville, Tenn., to help the youth understand that they are a part of a larger picture of United Methodist youth.

Resurrection Community School, Chicago -- $10,000.
(Ethnic group served: Multi-ethnic)
Resurrection United Methodist Church will use the funds to start a community school for children. It will offer after-school care and Saturday activities.

C.E.M.I., Camden, N.J. - $11,000.
(Ethnic group served: Multi-ethnic)
The Center for Evangelism and Mission Initiative at Asbury United Methodist Church will use the funds to help prepare leaders as positive roles models for youth.

Priority for grants is given to new programs or pilot projects. All grants are awarded on a one-year basis, and project-funding proposals are due July 1 and Nov. 1. More information is available by contacting Sang E. Chun, director of ethnic local church concerns grants, at (615) 340-7050 or toll-free (877) 899-2780, Ext. 7050, or by e-mail at

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